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FIHR is an international organization designed to promote unity among all nations. Believing that international peace is best served when political leaders of each-country are able to appreciate the perspectives of peers in other nations, we seek to bring together future leaders in an environment of mutual learning and sharing.


The world has produced many skilled professionals but few have been provided with training for leadership and guidance skills. We also believe that the key to a successful tomorrow is the education of youth today from all communities of our planet.

There are several programs to which this USA based organization adheres.  Media Psychology: making a world of difference is one of the projects and the one we wish to propose for funding. Also see:


Consultation services are provided in forensic psychology and political psychology.

Psychology of Terrorists: Profiling and CounterAction
By: Dr Raymond Hamden


code: FLR40

Psychology of Terrorists examines the personality profile of the individual and categorizes the psychology of terrorists into four distinct profiles which are outlined and analyzed in detail. There are many books that cover social psychology and political violence and aggression, but few establish the mind-set of the terrorist as an individual. This includes taking into account personal experiences, psychological makeup, personal background, and religious or political ideology for the purposes of understanding conceptual and tactical objectives and profiling terrorists to counter terrorist threats. Dr. Raymond Hamden presents a unique look at terrorists as individuals with personal motives as well as those of principle.

The book presents an analysis of terrorists without prejudice or bias for any political, religious, nationality, creed, or race. Too many times the world sees experts focus on issues that are based on their own predispositions or partialities. Although there is criticism on the reliability of profiling, this research demonstrates validity and reliability. It is vital to understand terrorist motivations and this can only be achieved by “knowing” the terrorists’ psychological character, looking at the individual terrorist, taking into account particular experiences, psychological makeup, background, and fundamentalist ideology.

Psychology of Terrorists: Profiling and CounterAction will be a welcomed addition to psychologists, terrorism researchers, criminal profilers, investigators and intelligence professionals, counter- and anti-terrorism experts, as well as military, security, and law enforcement professionals tasked with protecting individuals from the various acts of terrorism, domestically and globally.


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Balanced-4-Life: Before Burnout
By: Dr Raymond Hamden


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New Book to discover your balance in Work, Play, Love, Worship …

Balancing the priorities in our lives - be it families and friends, work and recreation, emotional stability and spiritual development, general well-being - is not new. Nor is trying to find time, that precious commodity of a day, to do everything we want to do. We may have diaries, time management tools, to-do lists, and run day-to-day for what we believe is in accordance with some set priority. More than before, we ask ourselves the simple question - are we “living” and achieving a meaningful life?


This text is much more comprehensive than the usual bookstore self-help books that just tell you about stress and nothing beyond. Balanced-4-Life: Before BurnOut will guide you through stressors and anxieties we encounter on a daily basis and teach you techniques that can make everyday factors more livable.

HH Sh Ahmad bin Saeed Al Maktoum

President, Dubai Civil Aviation Authority

Chairman, Dubai Airports

Chairman & CEO, Emirates Airlines

Dr. Raymond H. Hamden

Clinical & Forensic Psychologist

 *  *  *  *  *

Consultant in Political Psychology

Dr. Raymond H. Hamden


Post-Doctoral Fellow (University of Maryland, Center for International    Development and Conflict Management) Political Psychology


Post-Graduate training (Philadelphia School of Modern Psychanalysis)

Graduate education (Clinical Psychology 1975 MA, 1977 PhD)


Undergraduate Education (Fine Arts, Speech & Theater 1972 BA)


Licensed to practice Psychology:

Washington DC, Dubai UAE (since 1982)

Fellow Status, American Academy of Forensic Sciences


Linguistic Skills:

English fluency [master language]
Arabic [conversational skills]

 Programs & Projects


  • Terrorist Profiling
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Acute Stress Disorder
  • Domestic Relations Expert
  • Domestic Relations Consultant


  • Dysfunctional Nation & Its People: Becoming Functional
  • Corporate Dynamics Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • Culture Shock
  • Reverse Cultural Shock
  • Re-Entry vs Ex-Patriate Psychology
  • Diversity and Inclusion


  • Middle East & North Africa
  • United States of America
  • Expert & Consultant to Media, domestic and global
  • Consultant to law firms, government agencies, corporations
  • Human Resource support, Executive Coaching
  • Languages: English, Arabic [dialect]


  • Conferences, conventions, summits, associations, societies
  • Keynote Address
  • Seminars, Lectures
  • Training & Development Workshops

 Consultation Services

 The Executive Board and Consultant Faculty are composed of distinguished scholars from academia and private industry with expertise in international affairs, political, social and behavioral sciences.

Forensic Psychology

Profiling, Crisis Intervention, Homeland Security, Behavioral Science & Investigation


International Psychology Dynamics

Development and training in clinical, educational, organizational, and community topics



Political Psychology

A Dysfunctional Nation & Its People - Becoming Functional, Conflict Resolution, Diversity & Inclusion


Media Psychology

Making a Global Difference through Effective Communications - Better Understanding - Fostering Cooperation

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Dr. Raymond H. Hamden

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